Browser Automation Defined

Whether youre a software developer or simply running several high-performing, application-rich websites, browser automation is swiftly becoming one of the most sought after ways to check various site processes and codes. As Web-based technology evolves and becomes more dynamic, the need for dynamic testing solutions grows. While there are many ways to test the functionality of your website and applications, browser automation offers a means of performing such tasks without the need for manual manipulation. Ultimately, browser automation tools and techniques save webmasters hours in time and labor costs.

What is Browser Automation?

In the most fundamental sense, browser automation is the act of running various tasks, or instances, to gather insights into the functionality and performance of site pages, applications and lines of code. Understanding browser automation may take some time, as the subject is somewhat difficult. The uses of browser automation are practically limitless, and if you do a significant number of tasks throughout your work day, an automation tool may help reduce the time spent on these tasks while retrieving accurate and conclusive data. For example, upon starting a browser you need five different websites to be loaded to a specific point. Instead of manually opening each site, entering usernames/passwords and navigating to a specific page, the automation tool can perform all these tasks automatically. However, this is only a fraction of the capabilities a browser automation tool can perform. Other functions of these tools include testing applications and software for functionality, automatically transferring data between servers and applications, and even shutting down applications at a specified time.

Because of the varied uses of browser automation, its exact benefits can significantly vary. Regardless of your business, all webmasters and system administrators will benefit from its ability to streamline tasks while streamlining your ability to collect data and test various applications. With a well-equipped automation tool, mundane and repetitive tasks are accomplished automatically, which as stated earlier, leaves more time to focus on important tasks and duties.

Perhaps one of the most substantial benefits of automation tools is its ability to continually test the functionality and performance of web applications. Instead of having to manually navigate through each event within an application, an automation tool can do this task for you. Moreover, most browser automation tools collect data regarding its performance and functionality. This benefits all websites as it allows applications and select events to be automatically monitored in real-time. If an error is caught, administrators may delegate a fix much faster than if the error was caught through manual checks and monitoring.