Key Factors to Consider Before


Purchasing Browser Automation



Are you searching for a browser automation tool thats capable of supporting your various tasks without having to learn complex programing languages? As the browser automation industry advances, so does its software and tools. Therefore, when youre searching for a browser automation software, there are several key factors one must take into consideration. Although your specific requirements may require specific features, the following factors are considered universally important regardless of your enterprise and tasks it requires.

Support for Network Platforms and Utilized Technology

Perhaps one of the most important features one must look for in browser automation software is whether or not it supports your website and application platforms and utilized technology. This may not be a major concern for enterprises that are relatively small and established on a single primary platform. However, those who utilize multiple platforms for their dynamic infrastructure must ensure a browser automation tool is capable of handling the various demands of these environments. There are several vital questions one must answer to ensure a software is compatible. These include:

  • What operating systems are utilized by the network (website and applications)?
  • Do you need to test Web-based applications through browser automation?
  • Does your enterprise utilize mobile applications? If so, will this software be used to test and review mobile application functionality?
  • What operating system does your mobile applications run on? iOs or Android? Or both?


Software Ease of Use

One of the qualities all the greatest browser automation software suites share is its flexibility in its operation. While some networks feature workers who are well-versed in writing scripts and dealing with the inner components of a network and its included tools, others do not feature a depth of knowledge. Therefore, its imperative browser automation software be flexible in how its manipulated. Look for a software that features a simple user-interface thats understandable by novice users. However, for those who feature advanced-level understanding, the software should provide access to advanced level customization.

A Variety of Features and Technologies

If youre just starting out with a browser automation, you may not be aware of how you may utilize this tool within your network. One of the biggest mistakes made by those who are new to browser automation is purchasing an entry-level software tool. While this tool satisfies their initial tasks, as their knowledge grows within this technology, so does their need for more advanced and comprehensive tasks. Unfortunately, their initial software does not support advanced-level tasks. Therefore, its imperative that your tool be easy to utilize for beginners, but also be outfitted with a vast array of features. Look for the following elements within your software:

  • Ability to record and review automatic tests
  • Ability to manually create automated tasks and tests
  • Ability to implement checkpoints within various spots of the task to help verify essential data elements of a website or Web application.